How to automatically shut down on idle on Windows 10 [Photos]

Your pc goes to sleep if it’s idle for an explicit amount of time. you’ll additionally set the system to enter hibernate mode if you like it over sleep mode. That said, folks do still shut down their systems and if you tend to forget, you’ll automatically shut it down if it’s been idle for too long. All you would like to do is maybe set a scheduled task to handle it. Here’s a way to set it up.

A word of caution

A System is idle once there’s no user activity and no system processes are currently active. It doesn’t check for unsaved work on your system. If you happen to have a file open with unsaved work, then the shut down isn’t going to save it first. with that said, some apps will and do prevent system shut down if they’re open with unsaved work. If you’ve got an app like that open on your system, it will interfere with the task.

Shut down on idle

Open the Task Scheduler and click on create Task within the column on the left.

In the Create Task window, enter a relevant name for the task and create the subsequent changes;

  • Enable ‘Run with highest privileges’
  • Set the configure for dropdown to ‘Windows 10’

shut down on idle

Move to the Triggers tab. Click New at the very bottom to add a new trigger. Use the subsequent settings for the trigger;

  • Set Begin the task to ‘On a schedule’
  • Select ‘Daily’ from the schedule choices. Set the beginning time to 12:00:00 AM. Leave the date as it is.
  • Enable the task to recur each day.
  • Enable the ‘Synchronize across time zones’ choice

shut down on idle 2

Go to the Actions tab. Click the New button to add a new action and set the subsequent action.

  • Under Program/Script, enter shutdown. there’s no space between shut and down. It should be one word.

shut down on idle 3

Go to the Conditions tab and create the subsequent changes;

  • Enable the ‘Start the task on condition that pc is idle for’ option
  • In each the time fields, enter an equivalent time. this time ought to be how long your pc ought to be idle before it’s shut down. you only have a preset choice here however you can go as high as 2 hours.

shut down on idle 4

Click Ok, and once your system is idle for over the set time, it’ll shut down. As for apps which will block the shut down process, you can find some free apps that can quit all running apps on your system otherwise you can create a script that does an equivalent task. In each case, you’ll run the script or the app as an action for the task.

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