How to check support for Modern Standby mode on Windows 10

Standby is normally what we call Sleep on Windows 10. It’s nothing complicated; you can decide to put your system to sleep from the options within the Power Menu and your system will enter a super-low power state without you having to shut down anything you’re working on. Windows 10 has different kinds of Sleep mode one amongst that is Modern Standby.

Modern Standby on Windows 10 is not available for all laptops and desktops that may run the system. It seems to be restricted to certain hardware. There’s no list on what variety of hardware it’s available on but, an easy command can tell you if you can enable it on your system or not.

Modern Standby on Windows 10

Open the command prompt with admin rights and run the below command. the Modern Standby type of sleep is S0.

powercfg /a

modern standby on windows 10

If the command tells you that Standby (s0) Low Power Idle isn’t supported, you can’t enable or use it. If it’s available on your system though, you may need to enable it. Here’s how.

Enable Modern Standby

Remember that this may not work unless you’ve got hardware that supports it.

Tap the Win+R keyboard shortcut and enter ‘regedit’. Tap Enter and it’ll open the registry editor. Navigate to the below location.


Look for a value with the following name, double-click it, and set its value to 0.


modern standby

When you enable Modern Standby, you don’t see any new options within the power options menu. you will only see ‘Sleep’ listed there, normal as usual. Now, select the option to enter the new ‘Modern Standby’ mode.

What is Modern Standby

When you have the normal standby or Sleep(3), your CPU simply powers down, the data is dumped to memory, and you’ve got RAM consuming simply the minimum amount of power required to keep the data from being lost.

With Modern Standby i.e., Sleep(0), the CPU doesn’t power down. It uses little or no power however it’s still running. Most Windows 10 services and processes are still running which implies if there’s an unfinished update, it will transfer and install while your system is in Modern Standby. Other apps can even begin a process or run (if scheduled to). this may cause the battery to be depleted. Your screen will stay off though and you may simply be wondering why your battery has died.

We should also mention that some laptop makers might void your warranty if you transport it this sleep state. Most people have a system that supports this feature actively seek for a way to disable it.

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