How To Disable Background App Refresh On Cellular Data In iOS 11 and Above

One perfect way to avoid battery charge on an iOS device is to disable background app refresh. There’s actually an inbuilt option that allows you to disable background app refresh. You’ll be able to disable it, however, you can still selectively allow your most vital apps to refresh in the background while using the device. With iOS 11 firmware and above, there’s actually a new available option that can allow you to disable background app refresh on cellular data, however, you can enable it on your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to keep the feature on once you’re within your WI-FI network area, and it helps save on battery and data usage when you’re on the go.

Step To Disable Background App Refresh On Cellular Data

Quickly take your phone and open the Settings app and navigate over to General>Background App Refresh. Simply tap on the ‘Background App Refresh’ option. In iOS 10 devices and older versions, this option used to be an easy switch. In iOS 11 devices and above, this option is now a menu. The options listed below this menu are; off, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi & Cellular Data.

If you would actually like to turn off the background app refresh, all you have to do is choose the ‘Off’ option. You can return to the previous menu and selectively enable background app refresh for your few most-used apps of your choice. To disable background app refresh on cellular data, all you have to do is simply select the ‘Wi-Fi’ option. Note that you can navigate back to the main Background App Refresh section and individually enable background app refresh for your most used and important apps that you want to refresh in the background.

background app refresh on ios

Limiting The Background App Refresh

Once you disable the background app refresh on your device, applications like Twitter and Facebook will not be able to fetch new data always. This particularly does not only help reduce battery usage but it also helps in reducing your data usage which saves you money. Once you open these applications, they immediately fetch new data feed i.e. they automatically load new pictures, videos, etc. At this time, your data, whether you are on your cellular network or connected to a WI-FI network are used. You can not avoid it completely but, you may still save some battery life on your device with the application not refreshing every time and minute in the background.

Background app refresh is not actually the same as allowing or disallowing cellular data for applications. If you turn off background app refresh on cellular data, applications can still be able to have access to the internet once you’re on your cellular plan unless you have specifically switched it off under the Settings>Cellular option.

Turning off the background app refresh might lead to a somewhat lesser experience in some of your installed applications. Note that You will still get alerts from the applications but the content of the applications will download only if you open the applications. For your mail applications, this will not be an issue unless you have got a very large attachment file that needs to be downloaded. Your social media applications will certainly appear slower although as most of the content is images and videos and they will take time to load new content. If you make use of Snapchat a lot, you might consider turning on travel mode to help save your data usage.

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