How to periodically clean the clipboard on Windows 10

Windows 10 has two specific kinds of clipboards. The first one is the same clipboard you’ll find on any OS, desktop or otherwise, which has the ability to hold only one item at a time. The second is the new clipboard which has the ability to maintain a history of all the items you’ve copied and let you to quickly copy an item again. You have the option to turn the second type off if you’re not really comfortable with your clipboard content being stored for a long period of time. The default clipboard works just fine but, if you would like to periodically clean the clipboard, you can easily do this with the help of an app called ClearClipboard.

Periodically clean the clipboard

To begin, Download and run ClearClipboard App. By default, it’ll clear everything and anything that is copied to the clipboard after a period of 30  seconds. This simply means that you can actually copy something to the clipboard and use it for a period of 30 seconds before it gets deleted.

clearclipboard windows 10

To change the duration of how the clipboard is cleaned, you will need to create a configuration file for the app. To begin, quickly open a new Notepad file, and enter the below command in it;


As you can see, the value given for Timeout is in milliseconds and it tells how long the app can wait before it cleans the clipboard. You can decide how long you would like the app to wait by entering the time frame, convert the time to milliseconds, and enter it within the Notepad file.

Once that is done, simply rename the file to ClearClipboard.ini. Ensure that the file is placed in the very same folder that the ClearClipboard.exe file is in.

Also, there are additional commands that you can add to the file include TextOnly= and Sound=. The TextOnly command tells the app to run and clear the clipboard as long as there’s text copied to it. The Sound command plays a sound anytime the clipboard has been cleared. There are several commands that the app supports. You can check them out, and several details regarding the commands mentioned here on the app’s Github page.

This app doesn’t work with the modern Windows 10 clipboard. Also, if you have enabled the modern clipboard and you run this app, it’ll request that you disable it first before you use it. With that said, if you tend to copy sensitive data like banking details, passwords, or any kind of personal information to the clipboard often, cleaning the clipboard frequently is perhaps a good idea.


If you’re making use of the modem Windows 10 clipboard, that means you will have to manually remove items, or ensure that you clear everything before you shut down the system. A t the moment, there’s no similar app/feature like this for the modern clipboard and while this may be a very useful and handy tool, it also does have its risks accompanied with it.

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